Saturday, November 22, 2008

Greening Manchester Travel: A Tale of Two Videos

The above from the YES Campaign is quality. Excellent production values. High concept. Great script. Camera script that is.

What follows is mercifully short but rather typical of the "Sean of the Dead" zombie clutz and bluster of the ANTI- campaigners. Corny, fuzzy, crappy, fibs.

As this is so off putting but only one sixth of the time let's see if we can make up for that with more "Sean of the Dead" offers:

Poor; Piss Poor; and finally (for now) Particularly Piss Poor.

The latter fairly old item from Granada quoting an arterial road only charge, onboard devices and "£5 to enter Manchester" lies seems to feature an apparently different Sean of the Dead for the lying anti-progress zombies. A Cook not exactly a Corker.

You Don't Have to be Sean to Work Here, But it Helps!

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