Saturday, November 22, 2008

Iain Dale: Like A Dog Walking On Hind Legs, Admits Ignorance

To be celebrated and enjoyed like a dog walking on its hind legs, however jerkily ... Iain Dale confesses his almost complete and utter ignorance :

"I am quite happy to admit that I know very little about it and I may be completely wrong."

This being in reference to Boris Johnson's Very Off Message plan (VOM to Cameroonies?) to let all illegal immigrants - watermelon smiles and piccaninnies or no - earn the right to join the nation officially.

Sadly no such health warnings on his appraisal of the politics of the six counties or his complete ignorance of economics even at 101 level. Respectively:

Although a non-sectarian proper politics can now emerge in the North of Ireland the belief that either the DUP or Sinn Fein are not mappable onto the major parties of Britain and/or Ireland is just a tad foolish. And not necessarily onto a Nationalist model as Plaid and SNaP. Both 6C parties seek to represent majority working people, not monied elites.

And, well, Iain's Economics is just spectacularly sectarian or make that partisan, and plainly wrong. Germany had a much greater existing debt than GB going into the world banking crisis and negative growth spurt. Approaching 60% rather than approaching 40% respectively. With France and Spain interpolating.

That the Bundestadt are running a small budget surplus at this stage - they cannot really afford to run a defecit, their lines of credit are no more - may or may not help them recover at a reasonable lick. Probably not. We'll see. Figures are courtesy of the IMF and on the same basis vs pensions, PPPs etc for everyone.

Here, I'll do it for him:

"On these matters too I am quite happy to admit that I know very little about it and I may be completely wrong."

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