Thursday, November 13, 2008

John "I Haven't A Clue" Leech: Barred From Speaking?

Can hardly wait. Only a couple of hours to go before we get to see John Hospital Hoax Leech NOT making a speech and so on and so forth. If he can sit still even for a moment he will be sitting on a fence that has been supplied especially.

7:15 pm at Parrs Wood High School. Watch out for the grumpy clown pacing around - close by a length of fence - at the back of the room. Probably wearing a squirty poppy in his lapel and carrying some rolled up papers to try to attract the Chair's attention.

The Chair, who is Jim Hancock, who missed being married to the MP for Manchester Withington by just a few cross words crosses, should be under instruction from the South Manchester Reporter NOT to call wretched John Leech if anyone else whatsoever wishes to make a point or ask a question.

Leech had his chance. He should have taken it then. He must not be allowed to manipulate this event. In fact he should only be allowed to speak if he takes Simon Ashley's place on the platform.

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