Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Miriam Makeba: Heartache of Promoting Last UK Tour

Twenty years ago this summer. Myself and the tricksy Stuart Lyon aka K-Ko promoted Miriam's last ever UK Tour. Edinburgh Usher, Manchester Free Trade, Bristol Colston, Hammersmith Odeon. Quite an experience, though not particularly good business as it turned out.

Particularly as the bastard Tory-invented Foreign Entertainers Unit wilfully took twice what they were entitled to. Low tax? Pah! And they still, to this day have not given it back. £5,000 in old money. Plus interest.

Hard to get this, the struggle to cash flow the tour even without the taxman's unwelcome un-contribution, Sam Cutler, Stuart of course and his nlessed Merengue night in Leicester Square, and Miriam's rather arsey American crew out of mind. Happy days! Perhaps tomorrow. There must have been an upside?

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