Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Iain Dale: Labour HQ's Favourite Blogger For A Reason

Don't suppose he'll be trumpeting this fascinating poll for the Times in quite the same way he did the Sunday Telegraph one, trailed just 48 hours ago, that showed Cambama with twice the lead he has now.

Little worrying that the Great British public are still illogical enough to see Cambama as the man with a plan - for when they imagine no plan is needed. Kind of "good enough to manage when there's nothing to manage". Crazy.

As is the unreconstructed old Conservative Iain Dale huffing and a puffing in just a few hours about:

Brown is just loving this recession;
Ministers have 42% approval, but let's make it 22%;
Scandal of EU Accounts.

Failing Politics 101; Qualitative Statistics 101; and European Studies/International Audit 101 Double Honours.

This Iain Dale is why Hazel Blears and Tony McNulty and probably Peter Mandelson by the end of this week are bigging up your bellweather blog. Not because it's good. Because it shows your lot up for what you are.

What the Cuddly Nu Tories are still really like. Whatever the spin from Colson.

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