Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Photoshop 101: Farewell Then Everybody Hates Chris

For the past couple of months Labour of Love have had a moronic anonymous sock puppet calling themselves "Everybody Hates Chris" - though some say it is former Tory council candidate Rob Adlard a picture of whom or a look-a-like with Audenshaw Tories formed part of EHC's evidence - and commenting off topic, mildly off colour, and grossly off the scale for stupidity.

Their finest hour perhaps was their repeated assertions, citing evidence including once having stood next to a reprographics expert at a public urinal*, that a local sub postmaster in Rochdale, protesting outside the MP's office on Drake Street at their shoddy non-selection treatment by the Paul Rowen/Dave Hennigan/Adam Power corruption trioka, presumably overseen by asbestos-pants Cyril and pants-on-fire Norman, have been up to no good with Photoshop.

Banners have all been faked it seems. Added in later. Not just enhanced after the fact for clarity mind, even that much is untrue. But hands are in the wrong places. There has even been a woman flown into the background of the picture.

No evidence for the defamatory comments, no particular logic, just gut instinct.

Labour of Love would like to celebrate the once and for all departure under a cloud of this odious, gutless, witless, humourless creep by publishing - for the first time worldwide - the full sequence of photographs passed to me from the protest. With their original sequence of DSC numbers to identify them (click to enlarge):

Deliberately displayed - to throw EHC off the scent - in the reverse order to which they were taken. Study the shadows carefully and you can probably prove this.

We can also reveal exclusively that the assembled mass protestors sadly but CATEGORICALLY DID NOT move on for an all day drinking session to Dave's favourite public houses.

* This bit made up for effect.


Krystal Balls said...
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Anonymous said...

WTF is Krystall B******S on about ?

I see nothing there to suggest any illeagal election expenditure.

What I do see is stark evidence of the Parliamentary Logo (Portcullis) being used for party political purposes - perhaps these photos should be refered to the Speaker.


Krystal Balls said...
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Anonymous said...

Dave H, Crystal is spelt with a "C" not a "K". That is unless someone has been tampering with your balls.

Chris Paul said...

What the hell are you on about KB? I'm going to put you in the same bag as EHC and delete on sight. Because you are indeed in the same bag. Twat!

Krystal Balls said...