Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nazi BNP Hurt By Liberal Conspiracy: "Oh What Fun We Had"

Liberal Conspiracy have a very excellent round up of the very best uses to date of the membership data given to the world by the loathsome BNP. Here are the words and links collected by Sunny Hundal. Do go over there for the discussion; become a regular reader:

Image courtesy of TechCrunch UK.

A lot of people have been having fun with the leaked BNP list.

1) How many fascists live locally? Do a postcode search.

2) BNP near me? This map offers a rough guide.

3) There is a heat map here, which was previously a Google Map with dots.

4) has a half-interactive heat map.

5) More LOLgriffins on this blog (h/t David T)

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