Thursday, November 20, 2008

That BNP Membership List: GMC Postcode Counts

That list reveals approximately the following GMC Postcode/Town statistics:

Manchester 189 - includes inner Salford, much of Trafford, inner Tameside
Oldham 112 - Oldham 78, Rochdale 34
Bolton 50 - includes Bury and some outer Salford
Stockport 66 - includes much of Tameside
Wigan 86 - includes Leigh

Manchester includes one Chorlton-cum-Hardy and four Didsbury addresses. Fancy that! They're everywhere these fash!

There was a cracking interview on Radio 5 Drive with an ex-Policeman and proud BNP member calling himself Michael Green. One of the three in the database perhaps. He claimed he was not a member when he was a copper. He would wouldn't he?

Anita asked whether Black, Asian and Muslim people were welcome and would feel comfortable in this bonafide, nice political party.

She asked again adding in Jewish. Green jumped on this. Saying he was himself Jewish.

She then repeated the non-white groups. Mr Green owned up that as far as he knew these people were not welcome, the Party was after all for British Nationalists. Stating in other words that BME people could not be British.

Damned good job they're not racists or "prejudice" these BNP people!

This will of course be news to that old Sikh guy who appeared in the BNP Party Election Broadcasts in 2005, 2006 or so. And indeed to a muslim man canvassed for his signature by an anti-deportation campaign in North Manchester.

He was a BNP member he told them. And he felt British.

"You might think that" said the wise old asylum seeker "But to the British you're a Paki. And your children are Pakis. And your grandchildren will be Pakis."

Being Pakistani themselves they could say this of course. Bit harsh on the majority of Brits actually. But the One Drop Principle 101 explained.

Here's the BNP's greatest PR asset and Hitler idoliser Marc Collet to confirm this principle:

ON WHETHER BRITISH-BORN BLACKS ARE BRITISH “Just because a dog is brought up in a stable doesn’t make him a horse.” Extracted from a post by: DJ Konservo.

TRIVIA: Incidentally while Anita Anand's co-presenter Peter Allen has a namesake in the BNP there are no Anands listed. No Singhs these days. No Patels. No Ahmeds. No Chowdrys. Perhaps some of them have put a burning cross in the no publicity box?

PICTURES: We've been unable to find a picture of Nick Griffin with the old Sikh gent he utilised in his election broadcast. Or indeed with any other non-white other than a protestor. But we've managed this "two steps" NB NOT Five Steps. Top: Nick Griffin with tasty American anti-semite ranter Kyle Bristow (PG - this page is a bit of a whitewash, try this presumably satirical debate on whether Jews or Muslims pose the greatest threat to American Civilisation; and (bottom) Kyle with Republican stalwart Akindele Akinyemi who is Black, but not AFAIK a Black Jew or a Black Muslim. Hallelujah! pass the ammunition.

Just as Nick Griffin has whitewashed his track record rather, including his conviction for hate crime i.e. Holocaust denial, Kyle Bristow has hoped to hide his by scrubbing a blog post featuring a "Koran Desecration Contest". Fortunately this was screen grabbed by alert opponents. You will see from the "greatest threat" link above that it was Griffin himself who appeared on campus at MSU to spread the hate.

CONGESTION CHARGE and BNP: We have been told in comments that Peel Holdings have distanced themselves from MART because the latter's links to and congruences with the Tameside BNP were allegedly too great.

Not sure what "just great enough" would be? Can anyone corroborate or preferably provide hard evidence for what must otherwise be seen as a completely unproven allegation. Perhaps Peel's CEO Andrew Simpson would make a statement?

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