Thursday, November 20, 2008

John Leech Watch: The Plonker for Manchester Withington

Is on safari with the Transport Select Committee in Europe. Looking at how others see Road Charging and hopefully also Transport Innovation initiatives.

Funny how the antis and the don't knows and won't says in this argument always Focus on the peak time only charging in five years time.

Without much reference to peak time, peak direction, ways round, or that five year window for 80% of the promised improvements to bed in.

Without much reference to the fact that only 20% of those moving at peak time will be paying; and only 10% or less of motor vehicle journeys generally; and clearly the 30% non car owning plus non-peak users, pedestrians, passengers, cyclists won't be paying at all. Indeed discounts are envisaged to go with massively improved services.

Without reference to the air quality improvements; the journey time improvements; the quality of life improvements; the reduced stress in our daily lives; or the many any varied possibilities on work-life balance, homeworking, school buses, accessible passenger transport and so on.

This would all appear to be a bit last minute and also stuck at glass-half-empty to inform the Yeah-But-Noe-But-Don't-Know-But tussle raging in the head of the Plonker for Manchester Withington.

Happily others have already been and done the research over the past five years and more. This research has informed our plan.

A new version of the Ballot Paper will no doubt be rushed out as soon as Johnnie Come Lately reports back.

Mr Leech will not muddy the water. He will not try to ride two horses. Or switch horse midstream. The Plonker for Manchester Withington will show some spunk for once.

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