Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oily Duncan: Making Bid for Shadowy Money Job?

The Arawak (etc) oil man Alan Duncan - deep deep deep in the pocket of the petrochemical industry, and let's not speculate about aluminium and Deripaska - is making a speech tonight. Labour's favourite Tory blogger Iain Dale says, and I quote that it is "the best exposition of the Conservative approach that I have seen yet". Best of a bad bunch.

But perhaps this is Oily's bid for GOO's job? Might cushion the blow when he dutifully gives up all his external conflicts of interest?

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday Iain Dale was professing his independence from the Tory Party - today he is flying promotional kites for Shadow Cabinet Ministers based upon advance copies of their speeches - which he is presumably releasing with their consent. In future perhaps all the Tory bloggers should put a flag on their posts indicating which are advertorials on behalf of the Tory Party and which are your own thinking.

Good news on the courts making the insurers responsible for their asbestos liabilities - keep up the good work in making the guilty politicians responsibe for their liabilities as well.