Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dukinfield BNP: Roy West Walking Talking Contradiction

There is a geezer in Dukinfield name of Roy West who has stood twice now in local elections for the BNP. Increasing his vote from around 500 to some 750. In this top, most recent* video Roy reassures BNP members whose names have been published by their own muckers that he has absolutely no trouble whatsoever as a result of his name being in the public domain for 30 months. Phew, thank goodness!

* Until an hour or so ago I think.

But what's this? In the second video Roy explains a wassive campaign of harrassment to explain his move of address from Hyde. Window breakings and so on.

This is by way of a rebuttal to a story of domestic violence and eviction which appeared in a local leaflet. This is reproduced below (source). Mr West says that this is lies, groundless, baseless and so on. And worst of all - unlike BNP leaflets we have known - the thing does not have a P&P statement on it. Does this make it illegal?

STOP PRESS: Another Roy West Video. Though the second one seems to be taken down from the BNP's mouthpiece Tameside Citizen most likely run by the race malice disgrace and former National Front drummer Anthony David Jones who is a very regular third person character on th blog. More tales of harrassment. Reassuring.


Tameside Tory said...

Chris, this man is an utter crank, I don't know why you have given him the publicity on your blog.

I and others think that the "illegal" leaflet has been done by himself. He is a psychopath that craves attention.

Chris Paul said...

Are you a qualified Psychiatrist TT? Not sure we can leave that word "psychopath" unchallenged without a certain amount of corroborating evidence and expertise.

Wally Range said...

Not only have you given this particular Nazi publicity on your blog, you have also done so on the whole issue of the BNP members' database.

If the news had been that all these details had been lost by the BNP then that would have been incredibly bad publicity for them and the matters such as serving policeofficers could still have been dealt with.

Instead, because of morons like you, we have the spectacle of these outcasts having hours of free publicity, being able to complain shamelessly about the 'fascist state', invoking human rights legislation and generally appearing as the victims instead of the race haters and thugs that they really are.

Already there are report that people on this list have been targeted for reprisals. This will only further stoke up the situation and give them yet more free publicity.

Anyone that was complicit in publishing this list (and that includes you) should be charged with conspiracy or incitement to violence.

west said...

All the leaflets come from the same source the Dukinfield Mafia...............