Friday, November 21, 2008

Spectator Awards: Here Belatedly Is The Evidence

Six or seven minutes of ambience and Matthew D'Ancona scene setting. Then we get a tour de force from Lord Mandelson and a slightly gawky cock-er-nee response from Reverse-Eliza GOOlittle. Fast forwarding to around 39 minutes we find Nadine Dorries becoming the inaugural Readers' Representative, with one Richard Hamilton as the quoted nominator.

NOTA BENE: NOT the disgraceful Neil Hamilton as one of my informants believed hopefully. Nads has set the standards of irony and/or foolishness for this award. We look forward to seeing who on earth will follow the Mendacious Muppet for Mid Narnia in coming years.

PSD WATCH: Nads has posted but twice since an anonymous staff member posted "She's Won" last week. But she has still not confirmed the appointment of her own daughter Philippa Storm Dorries to the office of Nadine Dorries. Nads' so-called blog is rather quiet without the running commentary - albeit mostly far-flung fantasy - about family and growing up and all that.

HoP STAFF Register of Interests : This thing is so up to date, not, that Iain Dale is still listed on David Davis' staff AND as MD of Politico's Online Bookshop; Jennifer Dorries is there on the same page as Labour's favourite Tory blogger; but Philippa Storm Dorries is yet to appear.


lorenzo23 said...

Who are these tossers? Smug buggers in suits with those mean thin top lips giving congrats to each other. I recognised Dianne Abbot but she's a Tory licker in a big frock. At least good old Vince Cable was there - glad he doesn't lead the Lib-Dems otherwise we'd be in real trouble.

Chris Paul said...

Or the Tories would be in even more trouble than they already are ...

When will they finally knife Clegg? A few votes better than Huhne but neither had or has the popular appeal of Chas or Ming or indeed Vin.

Will they dare replace Clogg with a ballroom dancing baldy? For readers who don't know my wide parting hairstyle I'm allowed to say that by the way.

west said...
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west said...

No trouble from people of political thinking, just drug addicts and local thugs.
14 of them convicted due to my evidence in court. It was a long struggle not sure if it was worth it in the end. One thug that was convicted due to my evidence eventually went out and killed a man on the street.
Representation not hate........See ya

Chris Paul said...

This is on the wrong post Mr West. Perhaps you'd care to tell us in the interests of "representation":

1. Why would you want to represent the residents of Tameside on behalf of the party of hate? Where the leader is himself a hate criminal? Where Collett creams his pants at the thought of Adolf Hitler? Where Wigan BNP managed two posts in succession, the first preaching hate, the second complaining about being misrepresented?

2. Where you stand on Tameside traffic issues. The by-pass proposals? The congestion charge proposals? What do you think the people of Dukinfield think? And if you were their representative how would you lead or represent them?

Are you even a member of any of the campaigns? Will they allow BNP members even?