Friday, November 21, 2008

Guido: Crappy Comp Excites Anti-Semitic Window Lickers

How can we link the current travails of the BNP and the current terrors of central Africa?

Many moons ago Paul Staines aka the blogger Guido Fawkes was in a terrible death spiral. Accusations of BNP fascist sympathies. Rage from Guido. Threats to bloggers. Blog posts censored and self-censored. Sunny Hundal laid the story out here. This went right back. When Staines was briefly a student and conservative activist at Hull.

Before he went on to exciting single issue politics here, picture censored by libertarians, here, picture ditto, and here, way beyond the reach of law or reason.

The picture shows the college drop out Staines fund- and friend- raising for anticommunist, nationalist, even arguably fascist UNITA killers. Clients first of China, but by this time the CIA. Which must be considered rather less attractive behaviour even than his alleged cosying with fascists before he was sent down.

But we absolved him of that anyway. Read on to discover how we did that.

LOL was new on the blog at this point. Though with plenty of experience of facing down legal threats and publishing interesting stories safely.

This blog asked the questions patiently. And eventually, many empty legal threats later, got the evidence which tended to clear GuF of fascist sympathies, and finally published it, (here and right), albeit at the cost of exposing his extreme childishness and stupidity. Then and now.

To all intents and purposes this exchange did two things:

1. Nailed the lie that Paul Staines etc is or was in any senses a fascist fellow traveller when he was a Hull Tech student Tory. He is an Irish-Indian catholic-guilt republican. He is I suppose fairly light skinned, comparable with Nick Griffin himself*, and would pass for "black irish" or perhaps "armada war baby" but that doesn't help. He is barred in every way possible from a welcome in the BNP or the NF.

2. Made Guido hate LOL with a vengeance, when he should be grateful, even though his friends commented that we played fair and saved the man's reputation when he was whining we were doing the opposite. Wood, trees etc.

He has now blogged about the quandary of the Parliamentary Lobby over passes for new media-ists. And in the course of that otherwise reasonable analysis GuF remarks that doyen of the lobby Michael White was "angry" because he turned up in a rugby shirt.

In fact White was merely pointing out the camp hollowness of his Newsnight anonymity schtick - 'cos Michael knew exactly who GuF was. All the proper journalists did. LOL have commented along these lines over at Guido's popular-with-window-lickers blog.

Meanwhile GuF's caption competition today - a fairly unpromising Liam Byrne on mobile 'phone likely to bore said window-lickers - has comments from anti-semitic Shmucks, Shmeckles, Shmendriks and Shmeerals running riot.

But GuF's probably more likely to delete my comment and not that disgusting stuff. Or the sexism and homophobia. And he calls himself a fash-fighter?

* Andrew Graham-Dixon was on the box tonight. Doing his main squeeze ART, Rubens or such like. But this was serendipity as LOL were musing about a previous programme he made:

Andrew has also worked as a broadcaster outside the field of the arts. He recently presented 100 Per Cent English, a controversial and frequently hilarious examination of the politics and DNA of race in England. The film, produced by the respected independent production company Wall to Wall, was shown on Channel 4 in 2007.

So, let's trump the fool Fawkes and get some of Nick Griffin's DNA, and Collett's, and the rest of the fascist grove thang. Review and another with discussion - but sadly cannot find the video online. Any pointers?


Anonymous said...

Didn't see that much anti-semetic stuff - think your radar may be a bit broken.

Chris Paul said...

Agree, not that much anon. I confess to following Stanines' MO in laying it on a bit thick. But I'm assuming you agree that any of that, depraved sexism and homophobia is too much? And that leaving that is culpable?

And what is it you think about Fawkes and UNITA nationalist terror in these terrible times for central Africa?

Anonymous said...

It's a tough one - censor and be damned, un-modify and allow people to regress to 15 year olds. I think the bloggers kinda police themselves regarding racism but it does slip through. I dunno - do bloggers like yourself have a duty of care about comments? I guess it's personal choice.

I'm not sure about the Africa thing of which you speak but it seems that whatever position held by anyone falls into the category of talk is cheap without international (Chinese) co-ordination.

I guess the main arguement is if you don't like it, speak out or don't visit. Hmm.. blogs are brilliant in avoiding the MSM and any restriction would bally irritate me.

Chris Paul said...

All true enough. It's Guido's blog and they are indeed his very own window lickers. But why would he let them do this?

Chris Paul said...

PS Funnily enough China were in Angola countering Russia before the USA took over from them.

We can at least rejoice that latter day Tories are not calling for Mandela to be hung, piling into apartheid supporting banks, or raising funds and friends for the nastier nationalists or CIA-funded mercenaries in Africa.