Saturday, November 01, 2008

Parliamentary Assistance: What Point On The Scale?

We have referred once or twice to a mystery Tory MP who is about to make an appointment to their Westminster Office staff. Without advertising, thereby short changing the people of their constituency. Getting "who you know" instead of "who is most suitable".

With near certainty that such an appointment will be made the question is at which point on the pay scale will this ever so talented individual be appointed? Will the normal starting rate of £19,380 per annum be sufficient for shoes and bling? With a weekend home with unpaid semi-detached housekeeper thrown in don't forget:

Pay Ranges (with effect from 01.04.08)
£14,212 to £34,240

Recommended Starting Pay* £14,212 (provinces) to £19,380 (London) *Starting pay outside London is likely to vary considerably with local employment market conditions
Research/Parliamentary Assistants should:
. Undertake research from readily available sources
. Analyse, interpret and present the results eg for parliamentary questions, briefing notes for committees, articles or press releases
. Deal with routine constituency correspondence independently
In addition they might also:
. Deal with a range of visitors

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