Saturday, November 01, 2008

Political Betting: Peter the Punter Hedges His Bets

Over at Political Betting Peter the Punter explains how he should make between £210 and £710 with a series of October 17 bets on which is the highest listed State McCain will win in so called McCain Firewall Betting. But is Jeb Bush tinkering with the machines again in Florida?


Dirty Euro said...

Political betting is immoral it encourages people to waste their money on betting.
While pretendting be neutral it is just offensive tory propaganda, where most of the commentaries are odds and oddities.
No doubt if the election is fixed the bull ####ers at politcal bettiong will come up with a fancy formula to justify the conn tricks. They are crooks. You would think piolitcal betting would the first place to track down and stop election fixing, to heklp their viewers but you can be sure they will first in lineto protect their right wing masters. The owner of a politcal betting is well connected with oxbridge and wealthy elites:.

Chris Paul said...

The editor is a Lib Dem???