Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Remember, Remember: Fawkes aka GuF Must Apologise

Sadly BBC Worldwide have disabled embedding for this clip. But the stills above and right show Michael Parkinson, Jeremy Paxman and Steve Coogan wearing poppies. Which makes me wonder what The Mail picture desk were up to failing to find a legitimate image of Jezzer wearing a poppy.

And particularly to wonder why the venal, careless, vendetta-driven fool Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF blames his old friend Mr Paxman rather than the venal etc Mail for photoshopping a poppy onto Mr Paxman. That's here. Has GuF got something against Paxman? Is that it?

We really think that GuF should apologise for this disgusting travesty.

Venal, careless and vendetta-driven.

Calling Paxo a hypocrite when The Mail are incompetent chancers would be a hanging offence for a proper conspirator.

But GuF is beneath any concept of professional standards or discipline.

STOP PRESS. Belying GuF's "Exclusive" nonsense with this link to the Mail on Sunday we see that the Mail people have cropped the picture to correct the mistaken photoshoppery. Will GuF now apologise?

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