Friday, November 14, 2008

Transport Innovation Debate: Some After Thoughts

Where were all your Lib Councillors? The enthusiastic member for Northenden was indeed present. Simon Ashley from Gorton South naturally. On the platform. Somethingly slimmed down perhaps. But you couldn't miss him.

But where were the rest of them? The Chorlton Park massive? No sign of Shameless Norman and the crew? The two Didsburys six pack? The Withington three? Paul "Bastards" Ankers? The Burnage three?

To be fair not all Labour's people were present either. Perhaps half of the Man Witters.

Every single one of the Lib Dem-Tory remoulds made it. All one of him.

But is Thursday Night "Printing Club" down among the John Bull Set? This week: "Money Laundering 101: the risible but unaccountable unincorporated association".

Sightings please?


Anonymous said...

Christ this blog is boring. No wonder no fucker reads it.

Chris Paul said...

Just where's your blog so I can compare and contrast anon?

Everybody Hates Chris said...

This is a rather weak constant refrain from you.

On the same basis, you should never complain about anything you have read in a newspaper unless you are prepeared to publish one yourself. never maon about others' leaflets unless you distribute some yourself and so on.

PuppyLove said...

Well Anon, You obviously read it unless you absorb content and leave comments by psychic mind power alone?

Chris Paul said...

EHC ... are you still here? You've been expelled. Newspapers and magazines have indeed been published and/or edited in times past by this blogger. But your observation is characteristically dim. Why on earth would you support some anonymous troll who comes along and has nothing more exciting to offer than:

"You're boring you are?"

Oh yeah, that's right, you are a tosser from the same cabal.

Wally Range said...

Maybe because he or he is slightly more civil and couteous than your usual reply which is not "you're boring, you are" but "you're a twat, you are."