Monday, December 15, 2008

David Cameron's Conservatives: Yet Another Ealing Comedy

Reports Dr Rupa Huq. They've only gone and ditched the millionaire and so-called (can't be true) playboy Tony Lit for the leader of the Labour defectives, turbanned Sikh, and Khalistan nationalist Cllr Gulchuran Singh (bottom left).

Sure to be popular with the local association ... at least the one that pre-dated the sulky one's defection. And surely good news for Virenda Sharma (top right).

The Conservative Club in Ealing didn't even carry posters for David Cameron's Conservatives during the by-election, or for Boris Johnson as it was. But Mr Singh has started yet another blog, this time Tory-stylee. And he's on Facebook, Twitters and YouTubes too.

Gurch has become a right old Iain Dale on the QT. The LOL Gurcharan Singh Archive.

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Anonymous said...

As a Southall resident I'm looking forward to V.Sharma getting defeated... the man really doesn't deserve his seat.