Monday, December 15, 2008

Nadine Dorries MP: Missing CrackBerry Still In the Wild

72 hours late, but Nadine's finally "blogged" her QT debacle. She claims she was right about the markets and the economy whereas Wilf Self was wrong - that'll be those 15 minutes of board room experience kicking in, or I think not, just Dimbleby being gallant I suspect - and Nads also reveals that her CrackBerry is still missing.

But worry not, data loss fans, she claims the intriguing data thereon has been wiped. If true, that would certainly drop the value of the gossip and blether machine to tabloidia. But LOL see no reason to believe Nadine on this anymore than anything else.

Where was the 'phone lost? In a taxi as seems to be the official story among pals. Ought to be easily recovered. So perhaps it was somewhere else?

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