Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eating Trifles: Chinese Whispers Going Underground

Recess Monkey has been asserting his ancient Magna Carta right to eavesdrop on broken men.

In the hunched shadow of his former self of former Tory "Big Beast" David Davis who appears to be reduced to talking with minty old bezzers on the Tube and also to have chips on both shoulders about Old Etonians.

Can't have one as PM, Mayor and Speaker is the gist as allegedly corrected to former Big Beast of the Tory Blogging "Scene" and now adopted Labour Party Favourite Tory Blogger Iain Dale. Still in recovery, albeit a bit sniffy after the excitement of exclusively "outing" a non-existent election.

They're still forgetting old "Mark Vejj" the still unsullied Prime Minister of Thailand though.

UPDATE 11:38: Seems that Davis was on that fateful Underground journey just as Dave Cameron was hosting his seasonal Winterval Kwanzaa Yuletide, alright Iain, Christmas drinkies. Snub? And if so toff-to-oik? Or oik-to-toff?


Anonymous said...

Unless Vejj is the Prime Minister DD has in mind. He cannot mean Cameron after all as he's well on his way to losing the election, whenever it may be. Not a clue.

Chris Paul said...

Yep, he must mean Vejj. As Alex Hilton pointed out at his Recess Monkey blog Davis is also assuming that after the election the Tories will be able to impose a Tory Speaker and told the minty olf chap that this was why he wanted to keep Speaker Martin in post.

This should be clue enough for Martin to resign just in time for a Speakerly by-election!!

Dick the Prick said...

You really are an utter hypocrite arntcha?

Chris Paul said...

Arnti? Don't know. I ain't a mind reader.

Dick the Prick said...

You want to politicize the role of speaker which Gorbals has done and have a third labour term? Do things only constitute as fair when it goes your way? I despair.

Chris Paul said...

Nope. Davis was serious and is in a position to campaign for speaker Martin's head. I was (a) joking and (b) am not in such a position.