Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Leechy: More Geographical Travails For Hospital Hoaxer

According to Lib Dem Troll "Steve" John Leech has not been carpeted by the Commissioner for his many and varied misdemeanours because he is "innocent".

Same as he was innocent over distributing Christie Closure Hospital Hoax leaflets to patients waiting for chemo- and radio- therapy sessions at the hospital?

Or innocent of sitting on the splintered fence over Transport Innovations?

Anyways, it appears that my informant, the one who received the Focus with the out of area photo opportunity, and out of area campaign on the cover, and the Westminster "Big Ben" Tower graphic replacing his customary portcullis, that informant, got off rather lightly.

Others received a remarkable befuddled letter about the Transport referendum. Posted by hand through their letterbox YESTERDAY, FIVE FULL DAYS after the referendum closed and more than 20 days after the voting opened. This little gem fudged the actual issue and in essence called for a vote against despite Leech's supposed vote Yes position.

But the letter will have delighted people in Withington constituency and Chorlton ward with some very useful maps on the reverse of it.

These show how sterling efforts from John "Hospital Hoax" Leech and Paul "They're All Bastards" Ankers has moved the boundary of the "inner ring", which now may never happen, outwards to cover four or five extra streets.

These streets being OUTSIDE JOHN'S CONSTITUENCY NOW AND AFTER BOUNDARY CHANGES and what's more OUTSIDE PAUL "TBA" ANKER'S WARD TOO. They're in a different constituency, not even adjacent to Leech's current constituency, in a different ward, and even in a different local authority area.

Perhaps Paul "They're All Bastards" Ankers is planning to follow the dogged, now-Tory former Lib Dem PPC Faraz "Buzz" Bhatti and stand for parliament there?

Let's not mention the Christmas Card shall we? Graphics to follow.


Dogbolter said...

Just seen Leech ask a question to Hattie in PMQs that he should have posed to the Local Education Authority. This guy still thinks he's a councillor.

Chris Paul said...

Did he mention his fatuous and bogus Education Survey?

"I want to know what you think about education locally and how any problems can be solved."

Probably making his alma mater - until chucked out - MGS into a Comp would be a useful boost to the GCSE results and MHSG and WHS and the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

That Christmas card unrevised and pious twaddle revised are together a real disgrace this time. Has he no shame or decorum?