Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lib Dem Leech Flouts the Rules: Commissioner Sits Idly By

We are still waiting for the Parliamentary Commissioner to treat scowly John "Hospital Hoax" Leech (right) like any grown up MP who persistently flouts the rules and protocols of both the House and the Electoral Commission.

- Persistently flouting the rules by delivering parliamentary reports outside his area;
- Persistently flouting the rules by touting for casework outside his area;
- Persistently flouting the rules by representing himself as "your MP" outside his area;
- Persistently flouting the rules by issuing hybrid Portcullis (supposedly non-partisan) and Party Politics leaflets;
- Persistently flouting the rules by using Tax Payers money for Party Political material, in content and timing ... designed to get Lib Dems elected;
- Persistently flouting the rules by hiding the location where and even the name and address of the true printing contractor carrying out his money laundering printing;
- Persistently flouting the rules by hiding his true spending levels and fundraising mechanisms;

But perhaps the Commissioner thinks that Leech is so feeble that he should be given any number of let offs and quiet words instead of facing the music like a proper MP.

Other MPs have been officially carpeted. And we think John leech deserves to be properly treated and officially carpeted too - he is a real MP is he not? How can he be let off like some cheeky little chancer instead of as a real MP?

The High Master of Manchester Grammar School apparently chucked the naughty boy John Leech out as he would any other evil little MGS scrote referred to his justice. Why cannot the Commissioner also treat a miscreant equally with other miscreants?

Mr Leech's latest missive in Chorlton - barring the recent tax payer funded fount-of-lies survey on Education and Health - is a three-fold down to A5 which features Leech and his muppety cohort Paul "They're All Bastards" Ankers - as one of those "parliamentary reports (right) before PTABA was elected - on the cover.

Standing in a park which is in Trafford MBC's turf and Stretford MP Beverley Hughes' constituency. Facts which are not noted anywhere on the leaflet. And which have this pair of clowns once again interfering outside their ward and constituency boundaries.

But inside, what's this?, where the illicit portcullis letter with green ink header on mustard paper usually lurks we have some Lib Dem "passing off". Same green ink, same heading "John Leech MP, Liberal Democrat MP for Manchester Withington" but instead of the Portcullis a little pen and ink clip art treasure ... the tower housing Big Ben itself.

Blatant piss taking over the rules. Something that has been a persistent feature of the conduct of John Leech MP both before and during Mr Leech's temporary tenure.

Like the way he outspent all the opposition in 2005 with many times the tonnage of propaganda. Some say five times as much, others nearer ten times, and that was without the leaflet so naughty that it had to be burnt on a pyre.

With just the one donor (£23,000, allowance for election = £11,000) actually declared and a grand total of just £17 for one person's mobile allegedly the total 'phone spend. Although they had at least three landlines at the HQ. The HQ he didn't even exclusively pay for. With mum leading the effort all election day, hammering the 'phone knock up all day. Just one example of Leech's campaign mendacity when it came to his expenses.

The famous bar chart fills a whole page. A throwback to 2005 rather than recent ward data showing him trounced in the area in 2008. Advertising the fact that Mr Leech has a parliamentary majority of just 667. Half of which was sliced off last time in that one ward alone. The number of the beast plus the devil himself. Mr Leech of course did not have a vote in the constituency as he lives elsewhere.

He still doesn't live in the constituency, despite an estate agently press release saying he and his mysterious long term partner Catherine were to shack up on Chorlton Green.

As ever the full process colour, full bleed, glossy leaflet was allegedly "Printed by Withington Printing Society ... at 8 Gawsworth Avenue, Manchester, M20 5NF". Which happens to be the address of Mr Leech's parliamentary offices and also the home of the Lib Dem constituency association. All very cosy.

CALL FOR PUBLIC SPIRITEDNESS: Did you go to MGS or Loreto with John Leech? Or perhaps to Brunel University or any other seat of learning? Do you have a story to tell? Or perhaps you're outside his constituency but he's pretended to be your MP? Or written to you anyway? Or perhaps he's used parliamentary stationery to address a private or party matter? Do drop us a line won't you? Thanks.

And Honest John obviously welcomes openness and says a hearty xmas thanks too:


Everybody Hates Chris said...
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jane said...

well, not many Labour MPs do - but Martin Salter is one who does.

Steve said...

So you've got all these allegations about breaches of Parliamentary rules. Parliamentary Authorities regularly rule against other MPs. But you have also said they've not ruled against John Leech on any of those you've listed.

Your conclusion - the authorities are being specially soft on John Leech.

My conclusion - it shows your allegations don't stand up. Much more likely reason that this mysterious secret conspiracy to let one MP off the hook.

Chris Paul said...

Well "Steve" ... it seems to me that the allegations are all based on stone fact, which is why I'm wondering why he has been let off or not fully investigated. There can be no doubt that he has flouted the rules. Over and over and over again.

Another thing he does by the way is BUYS ADVERTS in political leaflets. Something that Chris Huhne did in his own PPC literature using EU cash as he was an MEP. That seems to be a Lib Dem special. Tax payers money laundered into political use.

House of cards I tell you. House of cards.

And what is this "Printing Society" all about then? Does any other MP have one of those operating out of the same address as his constituency office and his constituency party?

Or is this a Leech Original?

Rick T said...

"Tax payers money laundered into political use"?

You should get yourself down to Salford mate, the Labour party there will really show you how that's done...