Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Third Runway: Do Lib Dems/Boris Seek Return of Foulness?

There's nothing Lib Dems like better than laying the law down on something over which they have little or no agency. Which means anything on the national scene. Unless the electorate decide to dabble with a hung parliament and coalition in these difficult times. Just take a look elsewhere before you try that is my advice.

According to Norman Baker - but any fool know - there are some cabinet differences over the politically sensitive Heathrow Third Runway.

Irrespective of where we stand on this issue - I'm for more capacity used more lightly myself - it would be useful to distinguish between capacity and flights, and present and future. Which Lib Dem Voice and most of the Critical Mass do not attempt.

An airport running at 65% of capacity with three runways not only has the same number of flights as one at 99% with two but also spreads the noise load, can get the same action into a shorter noise day, can improve service, and is better able to cope with interruptions and weather in terms of catch up. We would also do well to factor in improvements in technology and retirements from service of tired old polluters over the next 5-10-20 years.

AND ... Does anyone at Lib Dem Voice really want Boris' return to the Foulness agenda?

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