Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Iain Dale: Brushes Lib Dem Spin Doctor Sandy Aside

Local "politician" Sandy Walkington of Verulanium has been getting a pasting for posing with a dry flyposting pasting brush as if he's painting a faded postbox. A serious priority for a PPC I'd have thought. Hat tip: Iain Dale who wonders aloud where he's heard this man's name before.

In fact Sandy is a freelance Spin Doctor "Gun for Hire" and was Ming's Head of General Election Communications in 2005. Also accompanied Sir Ming and Lady Elspeth on their incursion into Labour Conference circles at which meeting - Lab and Lib Dem fellow feeling - we had a brief discussion about how TOXIC the Lib Dems tend to be in Rochdale and Man Wit. Sunder Katwala blogged the event live here, here, and here. As there was plenty of bog roll in the loos and all our pillar boxes are naturally gleaming soviet red, there were alas no Lib Dem photo opportunities.

Iain also recalls a similar Lib Dem faking incident caught by Mr GuF. Dale's quite a good blogger you know, when he sticks to nitty gritty and steers clear of Economics, HERE outrageously pretending he knows more about the subject than Yvette Cooper's little finger.

TRIVIA: Lady Elspeth appeared to storm out of the meeting. Possibly affronted by the remarks of Peter Hain, James Purnell, or from the floor the barrister Emily Thornberry who recited a list of the dirty tricks she wasn't doing to batter the Lib Dems over? No, in fact Lady E was rushing down the spiral staircase to join the wretched snoutcasts on the Lloyd Street steps. She has form as a toker as well as a proficient hand-bagger reports failed MP Matthew Parris.

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