Monday, December 29, 2008

Freudian Psycho Babble: Iain Dale on Collective Punishment in Gaza

Leaving aside the following Freudian slip Iain Dale has put his Conservative Friends of Israel neck on the line, asserting Israel's right to defend its people.

Fair enough. This is a highly respectable point of view. A state's first duty. But is this the way? At least some of his commenters - even generally Tory types - disagree with Iain's 100% support not only for this premiss, but also for the mental means being pursued by the State of Israel.

All this killing is accepted without a flicker. But Sussex Police employing stress busters for their staff is apparently "outrageous" in topsy turvey Dale World.

Here's that Freudian stuff I promised, second sixth word:

The US ambassador to the US Zalmay Khalilzad has suggested Hamas held the key to restoring calm. "We believe the way forward from here is for rocket attacks against Israel to stop, for all violence to end," he said.

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