Saturday, December 06, 2008

Iain Dale: South Africa Should Use Force Against Mugabe

Not sure what Iain Dale's claim to expertise on anything is actually? It's not blogging that's for sure, though he's a past master at blog marketing. Hats off for that. And it's not Economics, Borders or Ireland, though on the former he did show Lord Ashcroft how to make £10,000 and 10,000 votes vanish without trace.

But today more confirmation that it's certainly not Foreign Policy.

Right Iain, let's get this straight. Only Africans can sort this out you conclude? So is Gordon Brown an African all of a sudden? And would Gordon Brown calling for military action against Mugabe not be EXACTLY the ammunition Mugabe would need to attract solidarity and support from his neighbours?

I think this post and very likely that Nick Clegg, who you hail as a genius for arming Mugabe, are so very very witless that they should be taken down and taken down respectively.

Meanwhile eyes right for one of the nasty neo-fascist meme anti-progress posters hosted until recently by the so-called Free Manchester Partnership. Those who you will remember published a rape-themed "comedy" video encouraging a NO vote. A hilarious video that had received some level of approval and full facilitation from Peel holdings business The Trafford Centre, and which received their tolerance too for four days.


Everybody Hates Chris said...
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Chris Paul said...

EHC posted a stupid comment. It has been removed. Iain Dale hailed Nick Clegg for calling for war against Mugabe. That is stupid from both of them IMO. But EHC just don't get it.

Everybody Hates Chris said...
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Chris Paul said...

Goodness me EHC you are a stupid little shit aren't you?

Your quote was:
"... Nick Clegg, who you hail as a genius for arming Mugabe"
That's exactly what I accused you of writing. What do you mean when you say that Clegg is "arming" Mugabe?
You can't even back up what you wrote only an hour ago.

Previous sentence about Iain's idea that Gordon Brown would be providing ammunition cf arming by calling for war on Mugabe.

Then Clogg actually doing same to Iain's approval i.e. actually arming Mugabe with excuses and an appeal to his pan-african comrades in arms.

What you write on here is almost uniformly pig ignorant shite.

That's apart from your dirty digs at people's sanity or ho ho ho at them "having a hard night" - i.e. a big drink?? - which are snide and contemptible.

All under cover of "anonymity". You are really just a nasty AND stupid little shit aren't you EHC?

Everybody Hates Chris said...
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Yousuf Hamid said...

Blimey is that Mugabe poster for real? Are there no depths these people will not sink below?

Chris Paul said...

This is just one of three charmers they put out. And two of them were only removed AFTER Peel Holdings etc disowned them.

They also apparently disowned MART.

The reputational damage to Peel and the Trafford Centre must surely be meassive, even if they win the day and con enough people into a NO vote?

Chris Paul said...

Sadly the little lying shitbag EHC is so hard of thinking that they cannot manage to follow from Brown "providing Mugabe with ammunition" by calling for a military adventure in another sovereign state to Clegg "arming Mugabe" by doing exactly the same.

Obviously but obviously I did not mean that the Lib Dems or their on the run criminal mastermind or anyone associated with them was sending Mugabe grenades or rocket launchers.

You'd have to be an utter muppet to think that. Step forward EHC the most literal, most anal, most humourless anon in the blogosphere and Longendale to boot.

Do go away, you slime. Get a blog. Oh alright then, get another blog and enough concentration and commitment to post more than once a fortnight.

Chris Paul said...

EHC comment deleted. Accuses me of after the fact editing of my post to make his comment wrong.

Apart from typos and sense corrections made in the first minute or so after posting and typos thereafter I DO NOT alter blog posts without recording that on the blog.

When you made your first, ridiculous shithead comment the blog post was AFAIK as it is now. The sense of it certainly was not changed.

The idea that Gordon Brown would be giving Mugabe ammunition by calling for military action and that Clogg has done so has not been altered.

You are a contemptible scoundrel. Put up (by email) and shut up (on the blog). Get your own blog.

Are you trying to force me into moderating all comments to keep your utter shit out? Is that it? Are you just a senseless, useless, humourless shitbag wrecker?

Do go away. Longendale is outer Tameside and beyond. Royston Vasey and the like. Local shops for local people.

Chris Paul said...

EHC's comment there is deleted irredeemably, hence no place marker.

Everybody Hates Chris said...
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Chris Paul said...

EHC makes further unbacked accusations of changes to posts after first publication. LOL is now in the habit of annotating any changes apart from initial spelling, typos and minor sense and "widows and orphans" corrections on the face of the post.

The RSS feed presumably is the very first version posted. We would advise anyone commenting on this blog to check the post. In this case there has been NO SUBSTANTIVE CHANGE to the content or sense of the post.

Iain Dale's call for Gordon Brown to join the muppet Nick Clogg in calling for a military strike on Mugabe, whether by South African, African or other forces is HUGELY COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.

The work of Foreign Policy illiterates. This is in Clogg's case and would be in Brown's playing into Mugabe's hands. It could make robust African intervention economically etc unlikely or half-hearted.

Military action from outside Zimbabwe is a legal minefield to say the least. And then there is China. UK and other powers need to be careful and Gordon Brown's self control and confining remarks to humanitarian aid issues is wise.

We again ask the anonymous EHC to cease and desist from these libellous comments. And we repeat the request that EHC cease and desist from ALL comments.

You are not welcome. You are a disruptive and anal child.

Why should every reader be affected by your shitty nonsense, forcing full time comment moderation?

Everybody Hates Chris said...
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Chris Paul said...

Flash away sucker.