Saturday, December 20, 2008

Labour Digital 2.1: 1000 Flowers Bloom, From Same Hymnsheet

Via Iain's Saturday Dozen we get to Dogstarscribe's positive but perhaps missing-the-point-slightly agenda for the so-called "Labour Blogging Initiative", or "Derek Draper's Rapid Rebuttal Project", or "Whatever".

Dogstarscribe essentially provides some pointers for a potential conservativehome or libdemvoice kind of organism. But that cannot really be 'parachuted in' now can it? Labourhome might even grow up to be that thing one of these days. Currently it's clearly lacking in direction and judgement.

But it seems to me that if we accept that the Tory Blogosphere is thriving largely because their party is in opposition then we could simply wish them to go from strength to strength!

Ten more years of subservience and under-performance vs Tory bloggers, and Labour government will do me!

Those bloggers DO reveal the nasty old school underbelly of the Cuddly Nu Tories. They DO share their analysis too readily. They DO betray hubris and triumphalism out of turn. They DO excuse the inexcusable. They DO assume and presume. They DO encourage the real world politicians they deify and hype to believe their own publicity. And they DO of course pointedly ignore the things we should be noticing and pointing out.

Such as Colson's outing as a disgusting bully.

On the other hand rebutting much of their wishful thinking and wishy washiness and the lack of policy substance of their party is actually not that difficult. Help from the centre in that, and a certain amount of theming and coordinating perhaps, would surely be welcome?

Without obligation.

Assistance in tackling some of our target wins and target saves too. Targeting as LOL does with Rochdale, and with Manchester Withington and so on.

And attacking the opposition would be a far more progressive activity for the bloggers of Labour and of the left than excessively critting our own side of the argument. Or joining GuF and Dale in excessively critting Mr Draper for taking an interest and making an effort.


Plato said...

Yawn. This is the first and last time I will be visiting your blog - I presume your lack of comments equals others also doing the same.

Justin said...

I'm not on your side. Your seemingly wilful ignorance of Draper's history is partly why.

Chris Paul said...

Just how have I demonstrated "wilful ignorance" of Draper's history Justin?

Left Field said...

Blogger Plato said...

Yawn. This is the first and last time I will be visiting your blog - I presume your lack of comments equals others also doing the same.

Nah, we just prefer baiting brain-dead Tory twits.

Mellor Road Mincer said...

Sounds like Chris is still bitter from not getting an invite.

dogstarscribe said...

Iain only ever links to me when I'm writing about the blogosphere...

I don't accept that the Tories are only good at blogging because they're in opposition; Iain Dale would be a good columnist on a regional daily whoever's in power, and the drunken driver was a very good propagandist even when the Tories were in power.

If all Dolly wants is Rapid Rebuttal Unit 2.0 then he's called the wrong people together. We need an intermedia presence for the left, which Labour Home won't ever be - the brand is so muddled that you'd have to spend as much clarifying the brand as you'd need to spend on a new brand.