Monday, December 22, 2008

More on JC: Not the Saviour of the Left? You Do Surprise Me

David Semple has rather brutally tackled Dr Jon Cruddas's failure to live up to his billing and also visited and commented. It is self-evident that Cruddas, and probably Compass as a whole, is at the left of the project, rather than at the left of the party or the movement. And that it probably would have to be someone between himself and John Maccy D, who is genuinely to the left of almost everyone in the PLP, who presses the argument for socialism via the Labour Party.


Anonymous said...

Are you using some sort of code?Because I haven't a clue what you are going on about most of the time.
Perhaps it's time to get the boys from Bletchley Park involved.

Anonymous said...

He's not the saviour of the left he's just a naughty little boy.

Anonymous, hint, follow the links, read some of the stories, it becomes clear. The use of language on this site is one of the wonders of it.