Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Libdemologists: Could They Have Got Their Act Together?

Probably the most sensible and reasonable Lib Dem blogger on the planet, Alix Mortimer covers the Green Gate gathering though reading the small print that'll be without hearing or reading the debate.

With around 100 MPs not voting at all on Ming's amendment this may not be quite such a close run thing as the margin of four suggests. The margin on the substantive motion is not revealed. Probably more than four then?

But Guido's suggestion that Lib Dems could have got their act together and won the day perhaps needs some examination. Who were the missing in action Lidemologists last evening?

It would of course be very difficult to have an effective review of events that are still in process by a committee, however constituted, while the details of what Damian Green is supposed to have done, what office holders at the HoP are supposed to have done, what civil servant(s) are supposed to have done, and what evidence can be brought to bear to determine the various guilts and responsibilities.

The Government way is adjourn until there are some certainties and belatedly build a house upon the rock while the Lib Dem way is to get stuck in and build the house upon the sand.

To these eyes it is quite hilarious to see Tories complaining that the Speaker's wish to see an investigation as soon as possible is being thwarted. They are after all protesting elsewhere that the man is out of his depth, has poor judgement, and that anything he says must be treated with contempt. I paraphrase. But you get their drift.

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