Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF: Calls For US Bomb Strike on Mugabe

Long before the bankrupt drunkard banned and tagged dunk driver Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF was a blogger or even an organiser of "rave parties" he took an interest in the war-affairs of Mother Africa.

The picture shows the college drop out Staines fund- and friend- raising for anticommunist, nationalist, even arguably fascist UNITA killers. Clients first of China, but by this time the CIA. Which must be considered rather less attractive behaviour even than his alleged cosying with fascists before he was "sent down" for idleness and thickery from a third-rate FE college.

Now GuF is calling for African Billionaires to put their hands in their pocket and finance a big reward to locate President Robert Mugabe who, presumably, must have gone into hiding without the rest of us being aware of this.

Following his location we presume from his preamble the place where he be shall be razed to the ground by US Fighter Bombers and the broken remains of his corpse issued in fliers and newspapers to prove he's departed the planet. Cf Uday Saddam Hussein.

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