Friday, December 05, 2008

Professor David Begg: C-Charge Good, and Women's Interests

This is better from the boy Ottewell as he's been talking with Professor David Begg, chair of the transport compact for the Northern Way.

Begg says, and I agree, that the TIF proposal is better for the peak-time, peak-flow only charging that accompanies the £3 Billion in transport investment. Which amounts to 50-60 years worth in one Five Year Plan Great Leap Forward.

A simplified way to look at things is that on Thursday 11 December we will have a mediocre passenger transport system and no money while on Friday 12 December we could have that same mediocre transport system and £3 Billion to do something about it.

But Begg's probably right. The C-Charge of song and story is a proactive and positive part of the whole, not an unfair ransom.

The graphic is from an event two years ago. About a lecture Prof Begg gave about women as consumers and transportation.

Isn't it noticeable that - apart from the rape victim in the Trafford Centre facilitated video nasty, and that mysterious business woman "Helen Smith" who spoke at the MEN Debate - the NO campaigners are largely angry mid-life men with diesel fumes coming out their hairy ears and nostrils? Attractive image isn't it?

WORST "NO" ANECDOTE OF THE WEEK: From a woman pensioner who strongly supported the transport investments but was being brow-beaten by her son to vote NO. As told to pensioners champion Tommy Walsh.

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