Friday, December 05, 2008

About Time Too: Nadine Bares Chest on Philippa Gate

About bloody time too. Nadine Dorries MP has revealed the family recruitment that unusually will not speak its name on mummy's so-called blog. Though not on the "blog" exactly. In previous instalments that "blog" has revealed other daughter's employment as interns and indeed the rate of pay they enjoy. Be it "minimum wage" or "double that".

Not really a permalink sad to say, but it's the 9 June entry, also moaning about Caroline Spelman being caught out over something as trivial as diverting parliamentary funds to pay for childcare and covering this up by claiming the nanny was a secretary. And, OMG!, Spelman's still Chair of the party?!! Just 90% hobbled in doing the job is all.

Here's the bit about Nads being open about employing her kids:

My daughter Jenny, who is 20, begins work for me this week for six weeks as a paid intern.
She told me I shouldn’t put what she earns on the blog as it is against her human rights. I told her that as an MP's daughter, she doesn’t have any. She is being paid £7.50 per hour.
She has superb computer skills and one of her first jobs will be to start working through a packing case of letters, cards and emails received following the abortion vote, along with the full in-tray ready and waiting on her desk.
If Michael Crick or any other journalist would like to check it out she is working from my staff office, just be our guest.
Is there a better communication tool than a blog?

Good question Nadine. Perhaps you should start one? You know? Permalinks that work, search facility, comments from readers, a real conversation and all that?

Anyways, after all that grand-standing about her openness I am pleased to announce that the New Register of Members Interests names the oh so experienced Philippa Storm Dorries as "Office Manager" and "Executive Secretary".

Only a month or so after she started in the office whose every fart and burp is usually shared with a gawping world. This will be exciting no doubt for any of those she is delegating typing to and bossing about.

And yes, before you start, I do realise that Members of all parties employ rellies. But this is Nadine. And Nadine threw the gauntlet down to bloggers, journalists and Michael Crick specifically to catch her out.

I wonder where she will have slotted in on the vast pay scale? And I wonder why MPs don't have to indicate pay level of their nearest and dearest beyond a job title tied to an often broad pay scale? In this case £21-£40,000 essentially.

And I wonder too how come Mrs Conway is still in a job with conviction gravy trainer Derek "Del Boy Pork Trotter" Conway.

Yesterday (4 December) Nadine finally made good on her November 6 promise of some office trivia to die for: "Tomorrow I will be blogging about our lovely intern, Annie, and about a very special visit we had to Parliament today." Here we go:

During her stay, her parents came to visit bearing gifts of a certificate of achievement for the office, signed by the Mayor, and T-shirts courtesy of the Wycoff Fire Department.
For some reason I fail to look particularly fetching in mine - apparently!!

Apparently Nadine likes bragging about her boobies. Keeping dear Philippa's over-promotion secret would be one of those Ms Bargery. And missing out "understand I" or the like after "fail to" in the above boobadoccio would be another.

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