Friday, December 05, 2008

Question For Peel: Why Has Andrew Simpson Been Sent Away?

Andrew Simpson, right, the CEO of Peel Holdings and of Media City too appears to have been completely taken off the NO Campaign. Sent away. Canned. Binned. He was looking tired. And he has a Billion Pound business to run after all.

But he was the ubiquitous Chair of the gaffe-prone GMMG "NO" operation too. Who has relieved him of his responsibilities? And why?

Is there anything more to this than meets the eye? Simpson has bossed the NO campaign since the words NO GO. Why has he now been sent away?

Was Simpson the one who met Sonassi/Free Manchester Partnership at the Trafford Centre and plotted the disgraceful rape-themed NO video?

And on the same theme did Simpson encourage the Sonassi-hosted site to run disgraceful dog-whistle posters featuring Robert Mugabe, Korea's Great Leader, and Gay Beefcake?

The Free Manchester Site was taken down at some point after 29 November 2008 at 22:33 with a 404 error message to begin with. It now aliases to Sonassi Communications who, as you'll recall claim they have nothing to do with the campaign, the perverse video, the perverse posters.

Insights welcome in comments or by email, given in masthead to blog.

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Sonassi Media Services said...

Sonassi Media Services has played no part whatsoever in this campaign that CP is so intent on blaming us for.

We only feel deep regret and upset that a grown adult must continue his mud-slinging towards our company.

To clarify all points, a press release has been drafted.