Friday, January 09, 2009

Catching Up With Luke Akehurst: Game of Two Halves


During my seasonal blogging hiatus I have missed Luke's round up of local opposition nightmare stories. Bit surprised the rather Dodd-ery disgraced ex-Lib Dem leader Mike Storey is still it seems to be the disgraceful next Lord Mayor of Liverpool. Despite being found guilty of a pretty serious breach of standards. Amazed that he got off on the conspiracy charge to be honest. The Bloga-fidavit's on his machinations have him bang to rights.

I'd have to agree with Luke that there has been an odd choice in the New Year Honours list i.e. an OBE for a splitter. But really the whole carry on needs a re-think.


Naturally Luke ain't going to agree with LOL over the Gaza thing. But I'm surprised that he has just "me too-ed" indiscriminately to someone else's blog coverage. Linking to the blog in general rather than to a post he finds particularly representative of his own views.

According to the Guardian today Israel have admitted that Hamas did not fire rockets out of the UN compound they fatally mortared. Just one example of some news Luke's surrogate has not recorded, having rushed into the opposite story. And the IDF's use of YouTube may be radical and ground breaking in principle. But in practice it is pretty disturbing. With the propaganda around the UN school way out there, occupying unacceptable territory. I may come back to that.

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