Thursday, January 22, 2009

Childish Tory Drama Queens: Petulance Knows No Bounds

Iain Dale last night joined the hapless drama queen Daniel Kawczynski, MP for Shrewsbury in jerking his knee childishly police-wards. Seems like the police, in the shape of an officer based on the parliamentary estate, wished to see some correspondence from a constituent. This was as corroboration in an investigation of alleged threats to another individual. Or related to "white powders". Or perhaps both.

Daniel chose to give them what they requested. Though they didn't have a warrant or whatever. And although the circumstances of Mr Damian Green's travails remain fresh in the memory. He immediately regretted his own decision and rushed into the chamber to throw his toys. Whether the police "demanded" gruffly and forcefully or simply asked in their normal eager manner is moot. But "demanded" is the word the MP chose to repeat and which Iain reports without question. The initial BBC report last night suggests Mr K was also claiming his office had been "searched" without proper process.

The Speaker as reported by the BBC this lunchtime seems to be correct and the claim of a search is not repeated. The BBC writes round Mr Martin's utterances: The MP would have been advised to get his "facts together" and "give himself a breather" before making comments which could "reflect badly on professional people who are doing a decent job of work", the Speaker added.

Any error here is surely Mr Daniel Kawczynski MP's. And his reaction and Iain's is petulant and childish in the extreme.

That comes as standard with Iain Dale and Oily Duncan and Nadine Dorries, and as the norm too for Dave Cameron and George Osborne. "Childish" may perhaps be a suitable tag to replace or complement "Do Nothing" if these Tories keep up this bleating. They "Do Something" all right. And that is they "Be Childish".

Our clue that the Dale line was utterly wrong came this morning as our old schooly Chris Grayling, speaking on R5L, distanced this incident from the Damian Green affair and would not comment further. Which is not like Chris Grayling if he perceived this as a winner for the Tories. But very like Chris Grayling if he knows it's a loser.

The police seemed to be after some green inker corroboration and were not accusing the MP or the Tory Party or any civil servant or reaearcher or any such of any wrong doing. Mr K decided not to insist they got a search warrant. In fact they may not have needed one anyway. Then he changed his mind.

Spinning it any other way is childish. Was the sulkmeister Oily Johnson perchance involved in any way? Egging him on perhaps?

DALES'S PAYOFF BEGINS: "How could the Police be so crass and stupid after the furore of the Damian Green affair?" AND HIS HEADLINE: "Just When You Thought the Police Couldn't Be Any More Stupid ..."

We will wait with baited breath for his humble climb down.

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