Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Graveyard Shift: St Helens Lib Dems in Facebook Row

St Helens Lib Dem in networking website row (Liverpool Echo)

Jan 22 2009 Marc Waddington

A LIB DEM councillor is accused of using an internet networking site to make political capital out of the deaths of two rival Labour members.
St Helens Cllr David Crowther and former Lib Dem leader Neil Derbyshire chatted on Facebook about the deaths of St Helens Cllrs Mike Doyle and Ken Pinder, who died within days of each other in late December.
Cllr Crowther, a member of the council’s standards committee, was joined on the website by Mr Derbyshire.
They talked about how the Lib Dems’ advantage would be served by the need for two by-elections, saying that they would “seriously distract them (Labour) for a couple of months”.
And Cllr Crowther added: “It could be three soon - at least one other is rumoured to be seriously ill”.
Cllr Doyle’s widow has called for Cllr Crowther’s resignation, and St Helens council leader Cllr Brian Spencer has said an investigation will now take place.
She said: “These comments are a disgrace. It shows a total lack of empathy or judgement.
“Mike was a man who cared not just for the residents of St Helens but also for the office he held – these comments are despicable and Cllr Crowther should consider his position. These comments show he is not fit to hold public office.”
Cllr Crowther apologised today. He said: " I agree the remarks are insensitive and on reflection that is not the kind of thing that should have been put on Facebook. I apologise for any distress that may have been caused.”
Lib Dem council leader Cllr Brian Spencer said: “I understand the comments were made in a private communication between two individuals.
“Any inappropriate comments should not have been made and I will be investigating the issue.”

If it was a private communication there wouldn't be a problem so I'm guessing that belittling of the offence is further bad judgement from North West Lib Dems. And the St Helens Star report confirms that it was public and has more details.

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Anonymous said...

The Cllr in question was in conversatrion with a former St Helens Lib Dem Councillor,Neil Derbyshire.Google the name and be appalled...