Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CORRECTION: Second Choice Substitute Cllr Angela Coric

MEA CULPA: Having been told by a normally reliable source that Cllr Angela Coric - who was it is said lined up as second substitute to read Paul Rowen's Gaza gloss - identified herself as 'asian' I repeated this as fact five in my list of ten facts, the other nine of which are AFAIK unblemished and undisputed. I am now told that Cllr Coric identifies as of Balkan heritage and apologise unreservedly to Cllr Coric for any offence at my error.

The correction came hand in hand with a good dose of unevidenced and potentially defamatory anecdote. While I must thank the anonymous donor for the correction, there's no thanks for the unsupported allegations which have now been removed. Though the incidents behind these remarks made the Obbie.

Once again my apologies to Cllr Angela Coric.


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear,

A Liberal Democrap complaining about personal attacks and anon leaflets ?

May those in glass houses cease to throw stones.


labourparty said...

Good for you Chris owing up to an error. We all make mistakes, except Iain Dale of course. ;-)

Chris Paul said...

Indeed LabourParty ... and for GW, you'll be pleased to know that the anon comments I've removed claimed that the dirty business in this particular fight was LD on LD violence and not Labour attacking. In the linked Obbie article former council leader Allen Brett (Lab) suggested that Coric's leaflets were not squeaky clean.

Anonymous said...

I trust the comments and the leaflets have been carefully filed away !