Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Handbags at Castlemere: Seconds Out, Round Eight

They're very naughty people. At Rochdale Alternative Website. And they've reproduced some of the insinuations and counter insinuations of the "stinking of alcohol" Dave Hennigan (right) versus the "hasn't submitted accounts" Mohammed Shafiq (laters). Most of which have been removed from Rochdale Online's forum ... presumably at Dave "free speech" Hennigan's demand.

An anonymous commenter has shown a very strong congruence indeed with the interests of the well known smelly pisshead, smear artist, dirty harrasser, libellist and liar Dave Hennigan. Paid for in all these endeavours ... by the tax payer. Though he's allegedly on a final written warning for gross misconduct. Comprising drunkenness, threats, harrassment and so on. Allegedly. And there's dodgy accounts to explain also, for the local Lib Dem Party. Not necessarily Dave. Though they say his political work would henceforth be covered by tax payers.

FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT: The above picture was taken at a Manchester Irish Festival event when Dave Hennigan was actually an inappropriate Manchester councillor. It was not taken at Castlemere Community Centre when he finally became "calm" (like a baby) and "not saying much" (like a coma). After being an inappropriate ambassador for the Town's MP Paul "Useless" Rowen, and naturally the brewing and distillery industry also. Allegedly. We're looking forward to seeing the video tape!


Dave Hennigan is a fool said...

Another crackpot letter in the Observer today from Cyril's potty brother, Norman.

Stormin' Norman hilariously claims that the Lib Dems are a unified party and that Paul Rowen is an excellent MP.

There's no mention of Dave Hennigan being an excellent agent though.

And no mention of where Paul Rowen actually is?

Has he made Strasbourg yet? Or did he get lost at Euston?

Joker said...

Fascinating that the only option spell checker can offer for 'Hennigan' is 'shenanigan'

"the key pad is mightier than the sword"

Chris Paul said...

LIBS still gets LIAR in the predictive text in my Nokia. How we laugh.

Nokia said...
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Get A Grip said...

On an old PC I had, the word "Chris" became "Christ". It must have known something that the rest of us don't.

I tell you this as an atheist.

Chris Paul said...

I think you're on a different page to the rest of us GAG. We're on alts for the four letter words LIBS and you're running away from us on the full predictive text thing. In which case if you put in chr you might get christ or christmas or christopher or chris. Atheist or otherwise.

Though I understand that you are in fact a Catholic?

Chris Paul said...

PS As there is no "Armenian" setting on my Nokia Nokia I can't check your assertion and with great regret must therefore remove it. Fact checking is sacred. Comment is free.

Nokia said...

Չեմ հասկնար "Dave Hennigan/Cameron" "Cunt"
(Մէկ լեզուն բնաւ հերիք չէ)

Get A Grip said...

I wasn't talking about predictive text. It says quite clearly that I meant spellcheck and Autocorrect on a PC.

And I ain't no Catholic.