Monday, January 26, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Dale Stitches DK - "The Speaker Has Let Me Down"

Is Iain Dale trying to sabotage Daniel Kawczynski MP's career? He has given DK - the standard abbreviation for "Don't Know" - around 1,000 words to dig his own grave. So far comments - and remember this is at the Labour Party's Favourite Tory Blogger's site, now patronised by J Prescott and A Campbell both - have not been encouraging:

"You buckled like a little girl" said Andy.

"Piss off prat MP" said John.

"I sympathise" said BSH. There's always one.

"OMG ... comes across as a little schoolgirl" said Mr Mr. "Your exclusive just digs his grave."

"Surely they had some principle/honesty" (in the old days) said Martin Day. I've taken liberties, sorry MD.

"Everyone makes a mistake. Once." Raedwald, yearning for no repetitions.

"..." said some clump.

"Get off your bloody knees Kawczynski" said an ex-apprentice.

"...this MP has little to complain about and is basically being a silly, whining baby" said DespairingLiberal.

"You buckled ... You should say 'I goofed' with good grace" said modesty forbids.

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