Monday, January 26, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Rowen Must Sack Dave Not Get Excuses in Early

Fans of the orator Paul Rowen MP, sadly prevented from honouring a long-time and much-publicized commitment to speak on a platform with minor talent George Galloway MP on Sunday, ending in tired and emotional bleating from the eejected drunken Agent and tax payer employee Dave Hennigan, will be wondering when they can next catch this wunderkind of whizzy speeches. No, not Dave, Paul.

Mr Rowen's due to speak again - as headline this time - at the same Castelmere Community Centre - on Saturday 9th February (above). Rather than a former Labour-ite firebrand Mr Rowen will be up against and Ali Khan of the Tories' favourite muslim tendancy, that's Hizb ut-Tahrir of course.

Let's hope Paul doesn't have any meetings within five days either side of this commitment that could stop him taking part. Now that he is travelling everywhere on barefoot to (a) Save Carbon and (b) Save Doing Anything.

Tackling extremism - including extreme drunkenness - is vital for Rochdale and pulling out again could prove fatal to Rowen's ambitions to keep his seat. Any attempt to use the eejection of his eejit snake in the grass agent "Drunken Dave Hennigan" from his plain nasty attempt to crash this Sunday's party will lead to a meltdown at the polls.

Sacking Hennigan for gross misconduct and turning him in for his many faults and misdemeanours would be far more popular in Rochdale MBC. He can also be blamed for any and all accounting issues of the past three years at least.


No fan of Dave said...

This is what Dave told Rochdale Online today.

"I was there to represent Paul Rowen and made this clear to the Chief Executive at the start of the meeting."

Why didn't he tell them before? Is it because he is not welcome at this community centre and would have had the phone angrily slammed down on him at the very suggestion that he would like to come and represent Paul Rowen?

Dave is on the strictly barred list and is persona non grata in many establishments in Rochdale.

He knows this but thought he would try and bully his way to the stage just like Gene Hunt.

But Dave is not DCI Hunt. He is a small time dipsomaniacal muppet with serious delusions of grandeur.

And Paul Rowen is a disgrace.

Tonight there is a protest outside Rochdale Town Hall by public sector workers who have lost thousands of pounds under the Lib Dems pay and grading review. Some are struggling to pay their mortgages as a result.

Where's Paul Rowen? Pouring himself a large G&T in a hotel in Strasbourg.

Chris Paul said...

Rowen's arrived then? At Thursday's Gaza meeting? Fast barefoot walkng that then.

Anonymous said...

"Tonight there is a protest outside Rochdale Town Hall by public sector workers who have lost thousands of pounds under the Lib Dems pay and grading review. Some are struggling to pay their mortgages as a result."

Two points:

1) Not a Lib Dem decision. All three partys were involved in this decision via the pay & grading review committee and indeed, so were the trade unions.

2) How can council workers be struggling to pay their mortgages when the changes to wages will not come about until 2010?

Think about it NFoD!

R. Sole said...

"All three partys?"
Have you been at the mead Dave and descended into Middle English?

With apologies to Chaucer...

"A Beard, a beard, a womane hath no beard? Yet at the wyndowe somethynge rough and hairy had appeared"

Beautiful lines to describe the rude appearance of an areshole.

No fan of Dave said...

Answers to your points anon.

1. Yes, it was a Lib Dem decision. Labour has consistantly stated that the Lib Dems refused to properly engage with them on this matter and made all the running. As usual they would not disclose any detail and carried out their business in secret. Jim Dobbin MP said the Lib Dems decision followed a farcical process and gave Rochdale workers the worst outcome in England.

If you had been at the protest tonight you would have seen the anger of workers was very clearly directed at the Lib Dems.

2. Funny that. There are hundreds of comments online about this. Here's a typical grievance.

I'm set to lose £5600, nearly a third of my salary. Like many I won't be able to pay the mortgage or get a remortgage based on my new salary. To add insult to injury some Managers have gone up, will they refuse the increase in support of their staff? I think not! The whole review has been flawed fom the start, carried out behind closed doors without proper consulutation with the trade unions. I'm just gratefull to know we have the support of the Labour party in fighting this.

By DisgruntledITworker @ 11/12/2008 18:36:41

Anonymous said...

The council workers might already be struggling to pay their mortgages.

Chris Paul said...

Perhaps we might correct NFoD on the second point. Yes. People are afeared that they may not be able to pay their mortgages etc in future would be more accurate. That's true.

On the first point though the Lib Dems presumably have a majority on this committee? And they're not afraid to use it to get their way?

This is like claiming in Manchester that the LDs are as responsible for every decision as Labour just because we have to put up with a few of them - often dopes - on committees etc?

Perhaps you could clarify and tell us whether all parties were unanimous? And whether the TUs too voted for Christmas in their droves?

And perhaps we could get back to the substance of the post which concerns the aftermath of a rather chubby and very drunken and very unpopular delegate for Paul Rowen being shown the door as he was pished in a largely Muslim gathering, hadn't arranged to be super-sub, was at least sixth choice, was so committed to Gaza's future he couldn't even spend half a day without being paralytic, had already insulted and back stabbed most of the key players.



Those words? Really?

Anonymous said...

plus Dave is spending a lot of time Facebooking former labour party members. Hope he is not up to unparliamentary behaviour. Again.

Dave Hennigan
Gold Member
United Kingdom
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I've sent you a F-acebook message!

Anonymous said...


Do you realise that the pay & grading review was taken out to follow government guidelines?

Do you realise that the whole point of the pay & grading review was to achieve a fair and clear pay structure for all (ensuring women get equal pay to).

Do you realise that Rochdale’s Pay & Grading outcome is not even the ‘worst’ in Greater Manchester, let alone England, as good ol’ catholic Jim seemed to suggest. (A thousand Hail Mary’s for you Jim).

Do you realsie that the council will be forking out an extra £2Million a year to cover the overall net increase in council worker’s wages?

Do you realise that at NO POINT have the Labour members on the Pay & Grading review committee spoken out against the decision publically or privately? Maybe Jim Dobbin should talk a little bit more to his fellow Middleton comrades?

Yes, there are many comments from those council workers that have unfortunately lost out. Not so many from the 45% that have been given a pay rise though hey?

No fan of Dave said...

Do you realise that it's hard to take you seriously when your argument started off on such shaky ground anon? Let's see. Your opening gambit was to claim that the unions were involved in this decision. Is that so? Here's the statement from UNISON to the Rochdale media.

"The Trade Unions have not negotiated any of these measures. We have not been allowed any input. These measures are being imposed on the workforce with total disregard for your livelihoods."

Now, back to the substance of the post. Why is Rowen suddenly professing a keen interest in Gaza?

Is it too make up for all the debates he's missed on this issue?

Like this one.

And this one.

And this one

And this one.

I could go on.

It rather looks like Rowen has done absolutely nothing for the Palestinian cause despite promising voters that when he was elected he would make this a key priority.

In fact he hasn't mentioned Palestine or Gaza once in Westminister in nearly four years of being a useless MP.

Is that why he's legging it round Europe now trying to build up a bit of credibility?

Or is he just a shameless, exploitative, shallow bandwagon jumper who doesn't really give a fig about the plight of Gaza?

Anonymous said...


You are the one that brought the subject of the pay and grading review up.

Oh... so, because the trade unions stated that they were not involved in the decision to the local media, it MUST be true.

The trade unions washed there hands of the whole process at last minute, simply to distance themselves from the tough decision that Rochdale MBC had to take.

Chris Paul said...

Let's draw a line under the pay and conditions thing. 'Anonymous' is largely right. This has been going on nationally and it is in general terms a good thing. It is about parity - equal pay for equal value work - and it is about recognising structural bias. For example most of the men in parks and bins and streets and highways etc etc in the labouring and semi-skilled and trade jobs can get loads of bonuses and OT and so on and so forth. Women in equivalent jobs usually cannot. Though there are of course men in kicthens and playgrounds and women in direct works teams. But there is a pattern. Fixing this is worthwhile, good and about time. If the Rochdale LDs have run the process badly then we can stand hearing about that. But otherwise it is just a deflection from the serious business of nailing Rowen and Hennigan for their uselessness.

End of. Please.

Chris Paul said...

Right, that's over with, and lessons learned NFoD I hope? Let's cut to the chase shall we.

1. I think Rowen finally spoke on Gaza in the debate this month where Kaufman nailed Israel as not only war criminals but also stupid. He tried to butt in. And then he got four lines worth as I recall.

2. But he's been crap on the matter. And crap on the wars too. Nothing by way of opposition in 01, 02, 03, 04 or even 05 pre-election.

Obviously the LD rhetoric, and it pays to realise that Ashdown and others were essentially pro-war, did appear all over leaflets but AFAIK neither Rowen nor Henni took part in much organising or participating in protests, demos, vigils, letters etc etc.

Just flannel in their bleary Focus.

And now Hennigan substitutes himself for Rowen when by all accounts STINKING DRUNK in a meeting organised by a conservative muslim organisation, trying to come to terms with modernity and what it means for them in UK today.

Hennigan is the epitome of the decadence that, strangely enough, they do not want their families to be poisoned by.

I'm a social liberal myself. But whereas my party and the Tories have a balance or tension if you like between liberals and social conservatives the Lib Dems are 99.9% socially liberal.

Which if fine. But what I don't understand is how muslim communities can continue to cleave to Lib Dems like Dave who are anathema to their social traditions and beliefs.

The Govt gets the blame for following Bush and attacking rather than liberating the Ummah yet there were more than twice as many MPs in Labour who voted against war than LDs and a number in the Tories also.

While agreeing with the Lib Dem anti-war vote I do find everything or most everything about it opportunistic and calculated and the arguments childish prattle when local Lib Dems like Dave are engaged. Most of the MPs fudged or avoided several of the votes too. And Kennedy was by all accounts like a rabbit in headlights when asked to March on 15.2.03.

Let's deal with the point. Dave H uses desperate dirty even sinful tactics every day of his political life. And he went pissed to a muslim meeting and would not accept their decision - that he should not speak - with good grace.

Discuss that won't you?

Lunchtime O'Booze said...

Dave will make a great PPC for Heywood. Utterly shameless. Poor Wera.