Monday, January 26, 2009

Iain Dale: Claims Cameron Is Winning Back C2s

Without showing any change over time or considering don't knows and won't says but with an isolated breakdown of leads by social group Iain Dale again claims that Cameron Is Winning Back the C2s. Also that this group won for Maggie and won for Tone. This may be the case, or not. But what is certain is that Mr Dale ain't a statistician or indeed a literate consumer of statistics. And he ain't produced any proof for his claims.

C2s are skilled and certificated manual workers of all kinds, and small business people. White van men, hackney cab drivers (but not private hire), corner shoppers, chargehands.

These are not particularly groups that ever went for the red thing. ADD 9:54: And as the first download shows definitions are troublesome.

I would expect this group to usually show the strongest Tory lead of the C1C2DE combination, and usually show the lowest Labour lead in better times.

2001 Census by SG Approximations | Description of Tables on Social Grade Approximation | Spreadsheets (Excel) | Market Research Society write round (Web Page).

UPDATE 10:19: The second link isn't what I'd expected. That was something akin to the "Jobs dictionary" published by MRS. In fact they seem to have protected that data rather well, you need to buy the book. Corner shoppers are usually C1s unless they are tradesmen outlets (C2).

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