Monday, January 26, 2009

ROCHDALE: More on Eejection and Cyril's Charity Smackathon

Rochdale Alternative Website has just published (despite time stamp from early hours) another account of Paul Rowen's Lib Dem Let Down re Gaza and of the ejection of whom they call an 'eejit' - Dave Drunkagain. The RAW team has also mischieviously used Burns Night as a hook for Sir Cyril Smith MBE to again expose himself as a bare arse smacker, ball groper and abuser of raw power at the expense of 15 and 16 year old boys. So far from their strangely testicular Haggis and neaps. On a fork lift stump Cyril (right) is very proud of his hands the size of pizzas. "Just the job" to discipline young rascals" you might say. This will make Hennigan's high proof blood boil.

The wounds are still red raw. Who can blame him? Cyril is his hero now. "Must protect hero ... he's allegedly a child abuser ... does not compute ... and an alleged colluder with industrial killers for speeches in the house ... does not compute ... and a promoter of sex killer miscarriages ... does not compute".

Poor Dave. Though of course Maggie was Hen's hero when he was a youth. For he was the Conservative Future once. 'Twas only later that he discovered that in Rochdale it was Sir Cyril who was the Iron Lady.

UPDATED STORY: Rowen sadly prevented from honouring a long-time and much-publicized commitment, HERE.


Anonymous said...

In Futurama, the cartoon series from the makers of The Simpsons, there is a robot who drinks booze.

Can't for the life of me remember his name though, but he reminds me of Dave and his drunkagain shenanighans.

No fan of Dave said...

Well done RAW and Chris Paul. The poor fool Dave Hennigan is now having to defend himself to the local media after you exposed him for being a fool.

Where did he get that disgusting shirt?

No fan of Dave said...

In Rochdale Online's report, Lib Dem councillor William Hobhouse (who defected from the Tories and was sacked as Lib Dem portfolio holder for finance last year after making strange remarks about corruption) says:

“Why is it that George Galloway can speak and Paul Rowen can not. This was outrageous behaviour and in no way acceptable."

This does not compute. Dave Hennigan is not Paul Rowen. Paul Rowen was invited to speak but chickened out at the last minute. So Paul Rowen COULD speak and was INVITED to speak but chose not to.

I wonder why Rowen didn't turn up.

His press release to Rochdale Online claims that he was absent because "he was on his way to a Council of Europe Meeting to push for a European-wide debate on Gaza".

Very fishy.

He must have known about this meeting for some time. So why was he down on all the publicity material for the event as a speaker? And why was it reported on Rochdale Online on the day of the event that Rowen was going to be speaking?

I sense a last minute panicked decision that has seriously backfired for Rowen.

Chris Paul said...
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Leela said...

The Futurama robot with the serious drink problem is called "Bender".

Chris Paul said...

I've blogged some more on this.

Anonymous said...

Bender- Dave's been on a few of them!