Saturday, January 03, 2009

Iain Dale: Not Driving Bad Taste Nails into Gordon's Political Coffin

Iain Dale seems determined to keep the title as Labour Party Favourite Political Blogger with a bad taste coffin/headstone schtick and nothing to back it up. Not even the bare bones of a theory or an action plan.

As usual Mr Dale thinks Mr Cameron's job is easy. he just has to pin the blame for the world's woes on Mr Brown. Simple Pimple.

This simplistic schtick won't stick unless Iain and his blunt-witted mates can produce a Tory-style economy somewhere in the known world where there were no problems from the world/US situation.

If he could do that and if it is a comparable economy - Japan? Germany? USA? France even? - someone might believe that a Tory Govt would and would have avoided the problem.

If he cannot, and he knows he cannot nowdoesn't he, then Gordon will continue to enjoy the confidence of the electorate for providing action and leadership instead of these weak and unbackable assertions. And Cam's slump will continue even if Bishop Duff and Bishop Duffer offer prayers in aid.

Their critique was naturally of capitalism and capitalist types. They were calling the government names for insufficient mitigation of the disastrous greed and carelessness of Tory Man.

The gravestone Iain publishes is of course in the worst possible taste. This sort of thing is why he will retain the title as the Labour Party's Favourite Tory Blogger Iain even as the Tories re-achieve parity and very likely drop behind once again.


Barnacle Bill said...

2008 was the year when our glorious unelected Leader's house of cards, smoke & mirrors, PFI hidden under the carpet, boom to bust economy got knocked over by the American problems.
2009 is the year it is going to get very personal for us all here in the UK. I just hope reality does not coming stalking you CP this year.
2009 is also the year your man is going to bottle it again. He'll walk away to a nice little earner he has lined up at the IMF or some other cushy number.
All of course in the good of the party.
Come this time next year NuLabor will still be clinging onto power, but where will Broon be?
Laughing behind your backs!

Diablo said...

Not up to your usual bog standard lampooning of the LPFTB, is it Chris? Thought you do better and pick upon his inclusion of a raunchy Tory girl.

But you take offence at a mock tombstone making a legitimate political point? As if you have you have never done anything so crass?

What's up Chris? Suffering from New Year blues? Not worried about losing your job are you? Concerned that you might not be able to pay your mortgage? Frightened that nobody ever reads your blog?

C'mon! Chin up! Keep giving us all a laugh in 2009. We'll need cheering up.