Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Labour List on Channel 4: Blaney Mujahideen Denial of Service

Donal Blaney takes credit for the LabourList denial-of-service-attack during last night's Channel 4 News (above). It was he claims his Conservative Future strugglers, hot from their Madeleine McCann impersonations and other sacking offences, or in the arabic Sheik Blaney's Mujahideen. For once, quoth the self-appointed high imam of blog terrorism, LOL's paranoia was justified. Actually it seemed pretty obvious what was occuring. Channel 4 should have cached the content against the Tory children's rather predictable and very sad activity.

Back at LabourList Mark Hanson introduces a rapid rebuttal (above) to Cameron's milk-boarding baby-torture viral. And Alan Milburn brings down a fair crack of the whip on some very deserving Tory "ass warriors".

During the Channel 4 piece as well as bearding GuF by calling him Dweebo or something, Dolly promises another prominent lefty. Now that's not Mark and it's not Alan ... so will it be Maccy D? Or do Jon Cruddas or Neil Lawson count as lefties in Derek's little red book? And just what exactly will Young Labour spend their retaliatory free hit at live feature Tory web content on?


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