Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paul Rowen's Agent: Smell Of Drink/Drunken Witnesses Needed

It seems that Mr Dave Hennigan, who is Lib Dem MP's Paul Rowen's apparently tax-payer-funded chief constituency worker in Rochdale, though he calls himself "agent" and is mostly party political, feels so concerned by reports that he smelled, or some say stank, of drink at 3pm on Sunday afternoon while briefly attending a muslim community meeting that he is openly threatening muslim community leaders and security workers who may confirm such reports - with legal action.

This is following the debacle in which he attempted to substitute himself for Paul Rowen as a platform speaker at a public meeting. Even though he was persona non grata with the venue and organisers. He was ejected by security, having kicked off when he was told: NO!

If you can vouch for Dave's drunkenness or otherwise please do get in touch. Perhaps you have actually seen Dave sober and not smelling of drink at this time on a Sunday? Perhaps you have never seen him sober and not smelling of drink at this time? Perhaps you have found him generally sober in the afternoons? Or mornings? Or not? Perhaps generally drunken?

Clearly if you were in smelling distance - as in frog marching him out of the place on Sunday - your evidence could be especially useful. Though if you saw Dave from a distance staggering or swaying but could not smell him, don't be put off. Please do still come forward.

Thanks in advance. Please provide evidential statements by email rather than in comments


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to stink of cocaine?

Grandmaster Flash said...

Hubba Hubba!

Amy W said...

A question not to be sniffed at?

Smell? just the lack of personal hygiene after susutained abuse of substances.

Or sleeping on floors of offices?

Chris Paul said...

This is the problem for the responsible blogger when anonymous and aliased posters come on here shooting your mouths off. It doesn't matter which side you're on, it's very problematic.

If you wish to suggest that Dave Hennigan, or Mo Sharif, or the security, or Mr Malik, or Mr Rowen, or Mr and Mrs Hobhouse, or George Galloway for that matter is a cokehead please:

(a) Go to the police with your information;
(b) If you must blog it use your real name and have proof ready.

Meanwhile thanks to those who have been in touch with corroborations of Dave Hennigan's drunkenness, on Sunday afternoon this week and in general terms. Please keep the anecdotes and accounts coming.

Mr Sharif appears to be out of the woods with a lot of witnesses, but you can never have too many when Hennigan is running riot.

Reformed whore said...

Jeez, did he have a bacon butty too? I think you'll find that he's perfectly within his rights to be pissed up whenever he wants to be.

rochdale observer observer said...

bacon butty and pissed whilst gatecrashing a muslim meeting for his absent boss. Yep- that would fite in with Hennigan Lib Dem diplomacy.

Hennigan was the eejit who upset community lesders by staging a White Lightning protest outside castlemere Community Centre last Feb when Justice Minister Jack Straw was speaking with local community leaders.

Is Paul Rowen really that stupid? If he couldn't make the meeting then surely an elected representative would have been appropriate?

Ward Cllr Angie Coric would have been best but she made herself unavailable. No doubt because Lib Dem man of unity Shafiq coveted her seat (council one that is).

The Rochdale Lib Dems are starting to become fractious - like a boozy shotgun wedding.Shifty Shafiq battling with Drunkle Dave Hennigan. Paul Rowen has scarpered. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Anonymous said...

"White Lightning" as well as a cider, it sounds like a great name for a racist pisshead "superhero" (if that isn't a real oxy-moron)

Photoshop beckons with Dave dressed up with a silver cape with a David Bowie style white lightning flash down it.

Adam Power could be his side-kick "WKD boy"

There is even a phot of Dave sitting in the scary Speakman's magic Delorean.

"Into the White Lightning mobile WKD boy- we have political mayhem and shenanighans to cause..."

der der der
der der der der der - dick head...