Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Iain Dale's Diary: How to be a Happy Homosexual

Iain Dale links to an article entitled How to be a Happy Homosexual and seems to think the answer to this riddle-me-ree involves being a member of the Conservatives. The true blue home of the homo.

This seems perverse and I've commented along those lines. Funnily enough, last Thursday evening I was conversing with a fellow blogger who asserted - following a deep conversation with a third blogger who was not present - that Iain Dale would probably be all for the David Davies style social conservatism/section 28/marriage for hets only sort of tendancy if he were not happily gay himself.

For, they argued, on all the other touchstone, or cornerstone, issues Iain tends to be very socially conservative indeed.

Perhaps in endorsing this bizarre idea of the Conservative Party being the true home of the homosexual Iain is proving that blogger's point?

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