Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cyril's Rochdale Observer: Finally Telling It Like It Is?

The Rochdale Observer gets a lot of stick for its bias in protecting the reputation of Old Sir Cyril Do Not Touch Me! - heard many a day down at Spotland I'll be bound - when they should really be spilling the beans on his gruesome track record. Hopes were raised only today when Wednesday's cover was revealed HERE.

Alas, below the fold the truth will out.

The Obbie is not finally getting round to telling it like it is on Sir Cyril's monkey business with the Whipp hands. Nor delving into the Knowle View/Smith Street (no relation) Bogs and its cottage of special needs rough trade. Nor exposing the influences and tensions from the giant member of Emma Street on the catastrophic Stefan Kiszko trial.

It's just some kid. Probably sexually abused himself at some point mind you.

Tax-paid and drunken affront to all things holy Agent Dave Hennigan and useless absentee shirker MP Paul Rowen have conspired to cover up Old Smithy's dark side. Dark side of the moon you might say.

On asbestos and on everything else. When metaphorically speaking it should be "pants down, bare cheeks, across the knee, we'll give you 'what for?', you dirty corrupting old bastard".

Taking his knighthood off him is the very least that should be done. UPDATE 14:59: Below the Goodies provide a cleaned up version, slightly cleaned up, of Cyril's new theme song. Nice One Cyril just won't do.


rochdale observer observer said...

A groping sex beast dressed as santa that smells of piss? What has that got to do with Sir Cyril Smith MBE?

There is also a delightful letter in the Th'Ob from Cyril's moronic brother gormless Norm. The usual petty tripe, but the irony of Norman boasting about Lib Dem party unity was not lost for those in the know when reading the Pravda-esque account of Dave Hennigan's ejection from Shafiq's Gaza bash.

How strange an organ as mighty as the Rochdale Obscurer failed to mention that Shafiq, Rowen and Hennigoon are all supposed to be card carrying Lib Dems?

Chris Paul said...

So did they mention the eejit-ection?

rochdale observer observer said...

Yes but in true Obscurer style. References to booze completely airbrushed. Lots of opportunities for the Lib Dem regime to get a pop in about Shafiq and the Ramadhan Foundation. Not very illuminating at all.

Invetigative journalism in the Ob is limited to good news about potato and tractor production increases, positive guff about the RDA and rotarian functions. And the odd free Gregs pasty.

The sorry photo of Dave did have the look of a prison mug shot though.

Chris Paul said...

Do you think he will end up in prison? Has he already spent any nights in the cells?

Lunchtime O'Booze said...

Police or padded?