Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Conservative Future: 1. Hate Crime, 2. Madeleine, 3. BNP Blogger

Hats off to the weird but wonderful tri-partisan combo of Unity, Dizzy and Ireland (UDI) for work to track down the scallywags aping Derek Draper's LabourList site with the differently moderated passing off 'spoiler' Labourist.

Building on the U.D.I. collectivism came Unity's forensic foundations. Get those Birks' lined up in a row. And, moving swiftly on, a fine mausoleum is erected for the muddled lad's career.

Essentially the story has a young Nottinghamshire Birks who is a radio presenter, AND listed as a BNP member, AND blogging as a BNP activist, AND interestingly enough the regional Chair of Conservative Future.

Under the tutelage of the horrid nassy Donal Blaney this Conservative Future tribe really are getting disgusting. Hate Crime in Preston, Disgraceful Madeleine grooming in London/Staffs, and now this.

It's not like they'd be alright without these shenanigans. They're nasty Tories even if they toned things down a bit. Disguised the true nature of the Bullingdon and sub-Bullingdon beast.

And lest we forget: Young Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF was a young tory who admits to dabbling playfully with the dark side of fascism. While Dave Hennigan was a young tory who dabbled with the dark side of Hush Puppies.

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