Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Weak Conservatives: No Fourth is Full of Sock Puppets

I'd love to see the IP log of commenters at No Fourth. Their uniformity of style and vocabulary suggests the site owner is on a "vote early vote often" strategy. The thing is a feeble response to Go Fourth which features J Prescott and A Campbell instead of masturbatory youth, even too young to lick windows over at Guido's.

UPDATE 23:49: Another bi-partisan tag team - Dizzy and Jag Singh - have of course revealed that "No Fourth" is a rat living in the same dismal sewer as "Labourist". Which appears to make that nice Chris Birks (CF/BNP) bang to rights as the masturbatory youth commenting under countless identities on his own dirty work.


Anonymous said...

You are an offensive little man aren't, you Chris?

Chris Paul said...

There are times when saying it like it is may be offensive to the eejits getting outed.

My guess is that Chris Birks has been out and about tagging other Labour blogs also. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Masturbation = playing with self = pretty good metaphor for sock puppeting and trolling activity.