Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Respect: Gorgeous George Grovels Over Quickie Divorce

Dr Abu Zayyad actually got it. Because GG's friendships with other women left her depressed. George did not contest the thing. With the fact he had had a son by his Lebanese third "wife", researcher Rima Husseini in May 2007 taken into account. If only he could move on from his erstwhile oppo John Rees so easily.


Sandesh said...
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Chris Paul said...

No Sandesh, it's spam. Zap.

Dave Hennigan is a fool said...
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rochdale rapper said...

This Sunday piss poor Paul Rowen will be playing second fiddle to Gorgeous George at a meeting about Gaza. (that's if george turns up- he does have a habit of missing gigs (for a bit of 'office research'? wink wink).

As anyone who has had to endure the pain or comedy of listening to a speech from Paul Rowen will know, he is no orator.

Let's hope Dave Hennigan doesn't turn up stinking of booze and the night before's kebab.